Why Professional Photographers Choose Vivid Metal Prints

Why Professional Photographers Choose Vivid Metal Prints

When your livelihood depends on the quality of your photography and the quality of the print, the picky pros choose Vivid and here’s why.

We are experts dedicated to one printing method- and it happens to be the best one to showcase photography. Dye sublimation printing is simply the best way to print and showcase your work. Inferior methods like paper, canvas and acrylic just don’t cut it. You can read more about dye-sublimation printing HERE and more about Metal vs Other methods HERE.

We are more than a printer; we are a partner. We do all the little (and BIG) things to help make your life easier and take out the stress.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed- And yes, there is a catch. You can read it here.*
  • White Label Shipping- Our name will not show on the packaging.
  • Fast Shipping- Most orders ship in 7 days or less.
  • We Proof on Metal- This is vital because dye sublimation printing is tricky—what you see on a screen isn't usually what you get on the print. Our method of proofing on metal helps assure you will be thrilled.

We always make two proofs of framed pro prints--one of the overall image, and one at scale

If you want to purchase a proof with ordering a whole print, you can do that here>>>  https://vividmetalprints.com/products/proofs

  • Rush orders—Yes, we can do same day, next day and two day—for a fee of course
  • Technical where it mattersWe calibrate all our equipment regularly (monitors, printers, etc.) to industry standards and stay on the cutting edge of printing technology. If we see issues in the file (lens dust, artifacts, pixelation, etc.) we will call and let you know.
  • Project Management- When it comes to large and/or complex jobs, Vivid's expert team specializes in project management to help smooth the way from order to install.
  • Easy Ordering & Quoting at Vivid Metal Pro..-Click that link to sign up, and you can quote any size...or...
  • Great Communication- Every order gets four emails: Order confirmation >> Order in production >>> Order shipped with tracking number>>>> Order delivered
  • We Know B&W- It ain’t easy and we know how to make it look great.
  • Bespoke Services-
    • Name/Information Plates ---add a pic of info plates here.....                        
    • Edition Numbers
    • Certificates of Authenticity/Inserts
  • Lots of Framing Options - Click HERE to learn more
  • Lots of finish options - Click HERE to learn more
    • Lots of hanging options and yes, we include high quality hooks with our wire mount and cleaning cloths and levels are included on every print.
  • We make almost any size or shape with our in-house CNC machine


Call or email us today to find out why We are More than a Printer. We're a Partner….and the best friend to a pro photographer.

336.283.8679                 Info@VividMetalPrints.com

*The catch  --We offer a satisfaction guarantee, but if you choose not to get a proof sent to you, we cannot guarantee color. The proof set costs $30 and includes shipping. However, if you reorder the same image, we keep the proof on file, so we know what color you like. If the box has obvious damage, be sure to note it on the receipt, if you are signing for it, and take plenty of photos of the outside of the box and the damage to the print and send it to us ASAP.

We can afford offer this amazing guarantee because:

  1. We are very thorough when we inspect your prints.
  2. We use heavy duty corregated and wood boxes and crates that greatrly reduce the chance for a damaged print.