ChromaLuxe manufactures the world’s finest dye sublimation media. Optimized for photography and engineered to last a lifetime, high-performance photo panels by ChromaLuxe can bring even the smallest details to life. Through Vivid's dye sublimation process, images can be infused directly into specially coated, American-made substrates. Only ChromaLuxe provides unsurpassed clarity with archival quality that lasts a lifetime with the option to display prints in a variety of configurations.


Vivid Metal Prints is certified by Chromaluxe.

Why Chromaluxe?

  • Maintain the integrity of photographs and art with cutting-edge sublimation print technology
  • Capture every detail with substrates that absorb ink and infuse images directly onto metal prints for high-definition images
  • Deliver a depth of image often described as three-dimensional and lifelike
  • Achieve a wider scope of color with ChromaLuxe + Dye Sublimation inks
  • Protect your images from fading, abrasion, moisture, and chemicals with exclusive coatings
  • Last 2-4 times longer than popular archival photo papers with our 65-year rating from the renowned Wilhelm Imaging Research Institute
  • Eliminate yellowing or discoloration due to aging
  • Enjoy our extensive selection of shapes, sizes, and finishes designed to suit all your needs
  • Easily display with modern float mounts, or with frames for a more traditional esthetic
  • Reduce image distortion with no-glass print frames