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Vivid Metal Prints pioneered the dye-sublimation on aluminum process in 2003. We remain solely focused and dedicated to this method as we believe it is the ultimate translation of an artist’s vision and the most stunning solution to any empty wall in your home, business, or gallery.

Traditional photo processors print liquid ink dots onto a substrate, usually paper or canvas, resulting in a loss of resolution. The dye sublimation printing on aluminum process, however, achieves a pure transfer of the original image by using heat and pressure to transform inks into a gaseous state and meld them into the substrate. We don’t print your image on metal, we turn metal into your image.

Animated choosing of metal print options

Step 1

Explore and choose the perfect size, finish, and frame for your image. Our easy upload tool will let you scale and crop as needed. Once your order is placed, your file is securely stored on our private, protected server.

Animated dye-sublimation process

Step 2

Next, our studio techs go to work. The dye-sublimation process can create certain color shifts we have to correct due to the nature of aluminum. We have perfected these methods over the years and guarantee that the final product will precisely match your image in every way.

Animated cutting of aluminum

Step 3

While our studio techs are working, production craftsmen are cutting aluminum, building your frame of choice, and readying your packaging materials.

Animated transfer sheet adhered to pre-cut aluminum

Step 4

Once all the ingredients have been prepared, a transfer sheet is printed and adhered to the pre-cut aluminum.

Animated dye-sublimation process turning your image into metal

Step 5

Through our advanced dye-sublimation printing on metal, we employ meticulous control over heat, pressure, and timing to convert inks into a gaseous form. Under extreme heat and pressure, the dyes from the transfer paper transform into gas, embed into the metal surface, and then solidify into the treated aluminum. This process, known as sublimation heat transfer, takes about 3-10 minutes per press. This process seamlessly integrates the ink with the metal substrate, ensuring that we don't just print your image onto the metal - we transform the metal into your image.

Animated framing and quality control

Step 6

Framing, quality control inspection, and packaging are the final steps and are undertaken with the same level of care, pride, and passion you have for your image.

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