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Featured Artist: Kevin Marion

Kevin Marion is an artist/architect living in Mocksville, NC in the USA with his wife Susan and his four children, Hazel, Silas, Iris & Ruby. Kevin holds a Bachelor’s of Architecture from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and a Master’s of Architecture from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Large artwork hanging on house over picturesque outdoor pool

As an artist Kevin focuses on abstract digital artwork. The method he has developed is very much a form of pareidolia as he is always discovering and finding the next piece by focusing in on a small detail of one work, and using it to create the next one. He also experiments with 3D art. He creates 3D sculptures within which he explores to find the perfect composition. He then captures the still image and does various enhancements for the finished piece. He also prodcues video art with fly throughs of his models. Kevin also enjoys working with pencil, pen & ink, pastels, painting, photography, wall murals of glass and porcelain tile and various forms of sculpture.

As an architect Kevin has designed and managed building projects from pre-design/master planning phase through construction administration and closeout. Project types designed range from performing arts, university and primary education, civic, religious, hospitality, museums, commercial/corporate, custom residential and competition work. Kevin has extensive experience with commercial kitchen layouts and adaptive reuse projects. He has also been involved in several master planning/town re- visioning projects providing clients with direction on town growth/redevelopment for 10-20 year development plans. Kevin also enjoys incorporating his own artwork into his architectural designs.

Kevin believes art and architecture to be synonymous. He sees architecture as an act of "Contextual Expressionism" that ultimately creates "Habitable Sculpture". An architect should do everything possible to design in response to the visual, cultural and historical context of a project while congruently applying maximum passion in making the project aesthetically pleasing from a far and harmoniously beautiful, comfortable and safe from within. The finished result should be an attractive and thoughtful piece of art ideal for living, playing, working, exhibiting, worshipping or any other function it is intended to serve.

Kevin is represented by several art galleries internationally and has exhibited art in multiple galleries in North Carolina and South Carolina, USA. He is currently a full time licensed architect and produces art whenever he can find time. You can view more of his work here or follow him on Instagram

Artwork featured on wall in home
Large artwork featured in lobby of building