Guide to Metal Prints & Dye Sublimation

Guide to Metal Prints & Dye Sublimation

What is a Metal Print? A metal print is the best way to showcase photography. From phone pics to the top cameras, our prints look as stunning as if you were there. Metal prints are made using special inks infused into a specially coated aluminum surface. The inks are suspended at different depths in the surface, creating a life-like and stunning image.

How are Metal Prints Made?- We start with dye-sublimation inks printed onto a high quality transfer paper. That paper is placed on a specially coated aluminum, and using a proprietary combination of Heat, Time and Pressure, the solid inks turn into a vapor, then back into a solid, at various levels on the aluminum—that is the definition dye-sublimation.

Can I order from my mobile phone? Of course, and that mobile pic (on phones 2016 & later) will make a great quality print usually up to 16 x 20. And don’t worry—when you upload, our image checker will make sure it looks great---and we have a satisfaction guarantee.

Are they Framed? Yes—we have several framing options and you can learn more by clicking here. For small prints our new DUO backer is amazing: Peel the backer and place your print on a wall without nails or damage. Move it up to 5 times! You can also display it on any flat surface. One Backer- Duo Options. Available in sizes: 5x7 6x6 8x8 8x10 8x12 10x10 12x12 11x14

For larger prints we offer Frame-to-Edge, Recessed and Float in several depths and colors.

Are there multiple finishes? Yes, but just for prints >=16x20. You can click here to get the details of our 5 finishes. In short, we have 3 finishes that use a white base. Ultra Gloss (our most popular), Semi-Gloss and Satin. We have two finishes using an aluminum base with a clear finish: Ultra Gloss and Satin—these aluminum base finishes are for particular types of images.

Want to learn more about Metal Prints- Click here for our in depth Q&A or Click here for our blog.

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What if I Want a Custom Size? We do that. Click Here to request a custom Quote

File Type Do I Need? We accept a wide variety of file types like JPEG, PNG and TIFF

What File Size do I need? We prefer 300 DPI at size. You can upload and test your image here. Our system will display the pixel dimensions of your image so you know which product sizes will work best. Or pick the size print you want and when you uploand during the order process, our system will advise if it is not the right size.

Do You Have Wholesale/Reseller Pricing?- Yes contact us at

Are Metal Prints Earth-Friendly? Yes. Very. They are made from 94% recycled material, and they are 100% recyclable.