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Since 2003, Vivid Metal Prints has faithfully championed the aluminum dye-sublimation process, earning the trust of professionals and consumers nationwide with superior metal printing processes. We are dedicated to rendering artistry in stunning detail, nurturing creative connections, and establishing a legacy built on reliability.

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Small Metal Prints

With sizes from 5x7 inches to 11x14 inches, our small metal prints offer a compact and refined way to transform your photos into brilliant metal art.

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Medium Size Metal Prints

Encompassing sizes from 12 x 18 inches to 20 x 30 inches, our medium size metal prints provide a larger canvas to showcase your photographic artistry.

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Large Metal Prints

For grand impressions, choose our large metal prints that range from 24 x 30  inches to 48 x 96 inches.

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Unique Shapes

Break away from the traditional with our unique shapes- circle, hexagon, and curved metal prints. Explore the limitless possibilities of custom aluminum art.

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Metal Print Shapes We Offer

Rectangular Metal Prints

Reinvent your images with a rectangular metal print, offering the classic format for your art.

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Panoramic Metal Prints

Embrace a wider perspective with our panoramic metal prints, ideal for landscape or skyline images.

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Vivid Special Shapes

Ignite your creativity with our Vivid Special Shapes, including circle, and curved metal prints.

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We sincerely appreciate you coming to our site. We are working on a total systems overhaul to give you the tools you need to show your amazing work. We do all custom sizes, so if you need a size that isn't available, click the button below.

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About Vivid Metal Prints

Vivid Metal Prints has pioneered the aluminum dye-sublimation process since 2003, translating artists' visions into vibrant and durable metal art. Trusted by professionals, businesses and consumers across the country, we deliver exceptional quality and customer service. Our range spans from small to large prints, custom sizes and unique shapes, all crafted with the same commitment to artistic detail and reliability—Immerse in the Vivid experience, where your photos become breathtaking, lasting metal prints.

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Our Customer Reviews on Recent Metal Prints


I ordered one of those beautiful wooden Mother’s Day frames and it came out amazing! It was my first metal print and I’m definitely switching over from canvas!!!

Jeavina B.

I received the print within a week and was totally impressed with the clarity of the print and the depth of the finish. The shipping packaging was flawless. I look forward to using Vivid Metal Prints again soon!

Thomas R.

I have used Vivid Metal Prints for many years for prints for my gallery. People love them, always comment on them and often buy them :). The prints always come out spectacular and color is fabulous. Highly recommended.

Joyce H

This is the only place I would go for metal prints. The quality is simply incredible and I love the large scale prints they can do as well.

Tim L

Great people that make amazing works of art come to life

Jacqueline N


Avner Ofer


Amanda Moody


Joyce Vukela-Mayer

Vivid Means Business

Vivid Works with Businesses of all Sizes

Vivid supplies its stunning metal prints for businesses ranging from Car, Boat and Plane manufacturers, to Sport Teams, Universities, Apartment Developers and everything in between.

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