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Featured Artist: Amanda Moody

About Amanda

Amanda Moody incorporating resin in artwork

Viewing my work in person can be a bit of a hypnotic experience. What I create is not for the faint of heart; my paintings are dynamic and full of movement, color and dimension, yet also can have a calming and meditational effect on those who experience them in person.

Amanda creating an artwork

While I do usually create on a two-dimensional platform for my original art, many times I incorporate many layers of resin and medium to create a three dimensional effect. More often than not, I then see viewers slowing down and coming in for a closer look. What a person sees from far away tends to shift as they move in for a more magnified view. Multiple layers of varied textures, metallics, and pearlescent pigment, suspended within the layers of resin give a shadowbox effect reminiscent of lenticular art and reverse carvings. 

I am moved by the colors, textures, and intricate patterns that appear in the very minute details of nature. Much of my inspiration comes from cloud watching, mineral and rock formations, botanical symmetry (and asymmetry), tree lines, ocean waves, the texture of sand, the cosmos…all are mesmerizing to me as they show proof of the interconnectivity between all living beings. When you witness a coral reef or landscape from a distance, the details and composition to the eye changes just as the aspect of the viewer changes. Nature is ever-fluid and non-static, such as life in general. I feel that this appreciation translates to my work and is evident to the observer. View more of my work here or follow me on Instagram 

Amanda holding her artworkAmanda looking at a group of her artworkAmanda posing next to a featured artwork