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Charlotte Motor Speedway

The Opportunity

In the ever-changing world of competitive racing, Speedway Motorsports Inc. has achieved consistent success through consumer insights and innovation. Still headquartered inside their first property, the Charlotte Motor Speedway, the company has grown to own eight speedways, three media & licensing properties, and is one of the largest public companies in North Carolina.

During a remodel of corporate headquarters, there was a strong desire to capture the awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping speed and power of a NASCAR race in static form. The designers knew that regular photo prints or canvas prints would not get the job done.

The Solution

Vivid Metal Prints met with the designers to share samples of how hi-res, hi-speed motion images come through on various aluminum finishes. Needless to say, the regular photo prints and canvas prints looked limp in comparison. Vivid uses a propriety process to optimize images for dye-sublimation on aluminum. For over eighteen years Vivid has focused solely on metal prints, never distracted by selling inferior mediums, constantly dedicated to perfecting our art & science.

The Takeaway

No matter how challenging an image you may have, no matter how specific your need or how unique your request, Vivid Metal Prints will work with you bring your images to life. Whether you specialize in nature photography, hi-speed motion capture, or family portraits, Vivid Metal Prints offers the superior medium for your content.