Hanging a metal print.

The Ultimate Guide to Hanging Metal Prints Like a Pro

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Metal prints have steadily grown in popularity, standing out as a stunning way to display cherished memories and beautiful art. With their high-definition image quality and sleek finish, they offer a modern aesthetic appeal that’s hard to match with other mediums.

Like all wall art, the way you hang them not only affects the overall visual impact but also ensures safety. In this guide, we'll dive deep into the methods, tools, and best practices for hanging metal pictures, ensuring they shine brilliantly on your walls for years to come.

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But First, Why Choose Metal Prints?

The art of photography and printing has evolved considerably over the years, and among the innovative options available today, metal prints are rising as a favorite. But why are they becoming so sought after?

  • High-definition Image Quality: Unlike traditional prints, metal prints infuse dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. The result? A luminescent print where every detail pops with clarity and brilliance.
  • Durability and Longevity: Resistant to the wear and tear of time, these prints don’t fade easily. In fact, metal prints are the longest-lasting photo medium, according to the independent Willhelm Research Institute. They are water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and can withstand the test of time, preserving memories in all their vibrancy.
  • Modern Aesthetic Appeal: With their sleek design, metal prints are perfect for modern and other types of home and business interiors. They offer a minimalist appeal and can seamlessly fit into both home and office decor, adding a touch of elegance.
  • 5 Finishes: A high-quality metal printer will offer at least six to eight different finishes. From the highly sought-after ultra gloss to the more subtle matte, there is a finish that meets your aesthetic. There are even outdoor finishes available.
  • UV Protection and Resistance to Elements: Indoors, metal prints are the longest-lasting photo medium–outlasting paper under glass. Their robust nature also makes them resistant to moisture and other environmental factors. If you want to hang them outdoors, there is an outdoor option in two different finishes that comes with a 5-year guarantee against fading. 

Choosing metal prints is about more than just the image; it's about elevating the essence of a moment and giving it a platform to shine for years to come.

Choosing the Right Size Wall Art for Your Space

Choosing metal wall art for your space is always fun. The right piece can elevate your space, adding depth, character, and emotion to any room. However, selecting the appropriate size is the key challenge. If it's too small, it can appear lost; too large, and it might overwhelm the space. Achieving that perfect balance is crucial. Here are some quick tips to guide you in selecting the right size artwork that harmoniously complements your living area.

Golden Rules of Wall Decor:

  • Wall art should be 4/7 to ¾ as wide as the furniture below it.
  • The center of the art should be approximately 58” off the floor, similar to art gallery standards.
  • Maintain a 6-12” gap between the bottom of the art and the top of the furniture.

Measure for the Right Size:

  • Avoid extremely small art on vast empty walls or hanging art too high.
  • Measure the width of the furniture and multiply by 0.57 (4/7) and 0.75 (¾) to determine the suitable width for your wall art.
    • Example: For an 84” sofa, the art should be 47” to 63” wide.

Gallery Wall vs. Single Piece:

  • The same principles apply for both single pieces and gallery walls.
  • For gallery walls, use multiple smaller pieces to achieve the recommended width. Ensure each piece is 2-4” apart, and consider these gaps when measuring the total width.

Standard Sizes for Wall Art:

  • Twin Bed: 22-30” wide art.
  • Full Bed: 30-41” wide art.
  • Queen Bed: 34-45” wide art.
  • King Bed: 43-57” wide art.
  • Fireplace: Match the art's width to the fireplace opening.
  • 96” Sofa: 54-72” wide art.
  • 72” Sofa: 41-54” wide art.
  • 60” Table: 34-45” wide art.

Remember, while these guidelines provide a starting point, it's also important to trust your intuition and taste when decorating your home. Every space is unique, and these are guidelines rather than strict rules.

Hanging Metal Prints:

Step 1: Preparing Your Space

Before you can grace your walls with the allure of metal prints, it's essential to prepare the space adequately. Proper preparation not only ensures your print hangs securely but also that it complements your living space. Here's how to get started:

  • Assessing the Wall: Understand the type of wall you're dealing with. Is it drywall, brick, or perhaps plaster? The kind of wall will determine the hanging method and hardware suitable for your print.
  • Determining the Desired Height and Position: Ideally, the center of the artwork should be at eye level, approximately 57 to 60 inches from the floor. Use a measuring tape to pinpoint the exact spot. Remember, the position can also vary depending on the furniture and other elements in the room.
  • Gathering Tools and Materials: A successful installation requires the right tools. Here's a basic checklist:
    • Measuring tape: For accurate positioning.
    • Pencil: To mark the exact spots for hooks or hangers.
    • Level: To ensure your metal print hangs straight.
    • Drill with proper-sized bits
    • Wall anchors, screws, or nails: Depending on the wall type and the weight of the print.
  • Consider Surrounding Elements: Think about other artwork, furniture, and decor in the vicinity. Ensure your metal print doesn't feel cramped or overshadowed by nearby items. Instead, aim for a harmonious layout where each piece has its space to shine.

Preparation is a pivotal step in the hanging process. It's the foundation that ensures your metal print not only looks fantastic but also remains securely in place, providing joy and evoking admiration for years.

Step 2: Understanding Your Hanging Options

Hanging a metal print is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Depending on your aesthetic preferences, the type of wall, and the weight of the print, different mounting options might be more suitable. A great metal print provider can offer several hanging options such as:

  1. Wire
  2. Easy Mount- this is a clip that is mounted to the wall and is inserted into the frame
  3. Secure Mount- Uses the Easy mount kit plus adds a T screw to lock the print to the wall.

Here's a breakdown of the popular ones:

Metal Posts

  • Description: Four metal posts are attached to the print's corners, securing it to the wall.
  • Advantages: Adds a contemporary industrial touch, suitable for larger prints.
  • Instructions for Installation:
    • Mark the positions of the post holes on your wall.
    • Drill small pilot holes and insert wall anchors.
    • Align the metal posts with the anchors and fix in place using screws.

Shadow Mounts

  • Description: A frame is fixed behind the print, casting a shadow when it's hung.
  • Benefits: Adds depth and dimension, making the print a standout piece.
  • Instructions for Installation:
    • Attach the provided hanger to your wall.
    • Align the shadow mount frame with the hanger.
    • Hang the print, ensuring it's level.

Standoff Posts

  • Description: Similar to metal posts but larger and often used for decorative purposes.
  • Advantages: Creates a unique display, combining functionality with design.
  • Instructions for Installation:
    • Measure and mark where the standoffs will go.
    • Drill holes, insert wall anchors, and secure the standoffs.
    • Place the print and tighten the cap to secure it.
Frame Mounting
  • Description: Traditional frames customized for metal prints.
  • Benefits: Provides added protection and a classic look.
  • Instructions for Installation:
    • Choose a frame that complements your print and decor.
    • Secure the print within the frame.
    • Use standard picture-hanging methods to display on the wall.
DUO Backer by Vivid
  • Description: An exclusive and versatile hanging option offered only by Vivid Metal Prints, the DUO backer is designed for those who value flexibility. Whether you want your print on the wall or displayed on a shelf, DUO has you covered.
  • Features:
    • For Wall or Shelf: Switch between a wall hang or shelf display with ease.
    • Removable & Remountable: Thanks to the unique REMO adhesive, you can mount and remount up to 5 times without causing wall damage.
    • Compatible Sizes: Offered in eight sizes ranging from 5x5 to 11x14.
    • Finish: Available in White + Ultra Gloss, Vivid’s most popular finish.
    • Phone Photo Friendly: Yes, photos from your phone are suitable for DUO prints. Vivid also provides an upressing service for pixelated images.
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Using DUO:
  • Wall Hanging:
    • Choose a smooth, clean, and dry surface.
    • Peel off the white backer from the tape.
    • Press firmly over the tape area for 7 seconds, avoiding bending the metal.
  • Removal & Rehanging:
    • Gently and slowly pull the print from the bottom upwards.
    • Rehang within 10 seconds on a clean surface to maintain adhesive quality.
  • Using a Hook:
    • Install a hook, nail, or screw on your wall.
    • Use the notch on the back of the frame to hang the print.
  • Shelf Display with Dowel:
    • Detach the dowel from the back of the print.
    • Gently twist and insert the dowel into the designated hole.
    • Position your print on a flat surface and enjoy.

Warranty: Like all Vivid products, the DUO backer comes with a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring peace of mind with every purchase.

The DUO backer by Vivid Metal Prints redefines flexibility, allowing art enthusiasts to display their prized metal prints in varied ways while ensuring the process remains damage-free and straightforward.

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The key is to choose a hanging method that not only ensures the security of the print but also complements its design and the overall decor of your space.


Step 3: Safety Tips and Best Practices

When hanging metal prints, especially those of substantial size, safety should never be compromised. Additionally, following best practices can prevent damage to the print or your walls and ensure longevity. Here's a compilation of safety guidelines and tried-and-true tips:

  • Always Check Weight and Wall Suitability: Before hanging, always confirm that your chosen wall can support the weight of the metal print. Drywall, for instance, may require special anchors for heavier prints.
  • Use Appropriate Hardware: Different wall types demand different hardware. Plaster walls might need wall anchors, while wooden panels might be more accommodating to screws or nails.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: While metal prints are UV-resistant, prolonged direct exposure to sunlight can still affect their longevity. Always choose a location that doesn't receive direct sunlight for extended periods.
  • Handle with Care: Metal prints, especially with glossy finishes, can attract fingerprints. Always handle them by their edges or wear clean gloves. Of course, metal prints, unlike other mediums, can be cleaned with common, non-abrasive household cleaners.
  • Leveling: Before finalizing your metal print's position, use a level to ensure it's straight. A slightly skewed print can distract from its beauty.
  • Remounting: If using the DUO backer by Vivid, always remember to rehang within 10 seconds after removal to ensure optimal adhesion.
  • Wall Surface: Ensure the wall is free of dirt or dust. Clean, smooth surfaces are best for any adhesive-based hanging method, ensuring a secure bond.
  • Spacing Between Multiple Prints: If you're creating a gallery wall or hanging multiple prints, maintain consistent spacing between each to achieve a harmonious look.

By adhering to these safety tips and best practices, you'll not only safeguard your metal print and wall but also ensure that the artwork remains a centerpiece in your space for years to come.

Incorporating Creative Metal Print Layout Ideas

Gallery walls with metal prints: One of the most visually arresting ways to use metal prints is by creating a gallery wall. A well-thought-out arrangement, combining portraits with landscapes or color-themed prints, can transform a plain wall into a curated showcase.

Mixing sizes and orientations: Play with different sizes and orientations for a dynamic look. Pair a large central piece with smaller surrounding prints, or mix and match portrait and landscape orientations for an eclectic feel.

Incorporating other mediums with metal prints: Metal prints have a unique aesthetic, but they can also complement other art forms. Consider pairing them with canvas paintings, wooden crafts, or even sculptures. The contrast between the metallic sheen and other textures can be pretty captivating.

Maintaining your Metal Print

Maintaining the sheen and brilliance of your metal print is simpler than it might seem. When it comes to cleaning, it's important to approach the task with gentleness. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe down the surface, ensuring you preserve its pristine finish. For those stubborn spots or unsightly fingerprints that might occasionally mar its surface, consider using a mild solution of water and dish soap. However, steer clear of abrasive cleaners or materials, as these can easily scratch and damage the unique metallic finish.

Over time, any artwork requires periodic checks to ensure its continued splendor. Especially with metal prints, given their weight and hanging methods, it's best to inspect the hanging hardware every few months. This ensures everything remains secure and your artwork safe. For those who've opted for adhesive mounts like the DUO backer, it's vital to verify the bond's strength regularly, ensuring the print stays firmly in place.

Continue Elevating Your Space with Metal Prints

Metal prints have revolutionized the world of art display with their sleek appearance, durability, and the unique aura they add to any space. Whether it's a cherished personal photograph or a striking piece of art, displaying it on metal brings out its vibrancy and depth in unparalleled ways.

But like any masterpiece, the way a metal print is hung can either accentuate or detract from its beauty. By carefully choosing the right hanging method, preparing your space thoughtfully, and adhering to safety measures, you can ensure your metal print shines brilliantly in your space.

Vivid Metal Prints, with its range of customizable options like the innovative DUO backer, makes it even simpler to achieve this elegance. So, as you take the step to elevate your interior aesthetics with metal prints, remember that the art isn't just in the print, but also in the way it's displayed.

Embrace the metallic elegance. Make every glance towards your wall a moment of admiration.