About Our Finishes - Vivid Metal Prints

Finish Guide

Vivid Metal Prints are the industry experts in printing on aluminum with five different types of finishes. All five finishes provide the superior depth of color and stunning detail that make metal prints the best medium available. The differences lie in the amount of reflectivity and the treatment of white shades that will perfectly elevate your image.

Three of our finishes have a white coating so that, similar to printing photos on paper, the white shades in your image are full and bright. These finishes are gorgeous, and are perfect for providing a familiar touch to your picture. 

Two of our finishes do not have a white coating, which allows the elemental beauty of the aluminum to show through where the white shades in your image would have been. These are ideal for images of the sky, space, nature at night, industrial photography, etc. Many of our professional photography clients create images specifically with these finishes in mind.

White Base + Ultra Gloss

White Base + Ultra-Gloss

White Base + Ultra-Gloss is our best-seller. It produces a vibrant, stunning print that will shine from any angle and in any light with the sharpest level of detail and highest contrast. Any white colors in the photo are preserved and shown as true white. If you’re not sure which finish to choose, choose White Base + Ultra-Gloss.

White Base + Semi-Gloss

White Base + Semi-Gloss

White Base + Semi-Gloss gives the same depth of color but with slightly less light reflection. Great middle ground between gloss and satin. Preserves contrast & details with minimal reflectivity..

White Base + Satin

White Base + Satin

White Base + Satin gives almost the same depth of color with a slight hit to contrast. Photos have no reflectivity but can appear a bit soft. Perfect for portraits or for rooms where you have reflectivity concerns.

Clear Base + Ultra Gloss

Clear Base + Ultra-Gloss

Clear Base + Ultra- Gloss: White colors in your image will not be printed, rather the aluminum will show through. This finish is just as bright and reflective as the White Base + Gloss, but gives your images a metallic glowing effect. Many artists and photographers design their images specifically for this finish, especially those that focus on machinery, architecture, outer space, and other content categories that can benefit from true metal shades shining through the final print. Snow scenes & photos with a lot of white should not be done on the clear finishes. 

Clear Base + Satin

Clear Base + Satin

Clear Base + Satin has all the same properties and use occasions as the above, just less reflective which may suit you better depending on where the print will live. This finish also drops whites out and shows them as the metallic aluminum base. Contrast is reduced from the glossy variant, but can give images a unique “antique” effect. Snow scenes & photos with a lot of white should not be done on the clear finishes.