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Tampa Airport

The Opportunity

The Tampa International Airport commissioned artist and professor Sheryl Oring to create a two-phased installation called Greetings from Tampa Bay. It began with a performance-based, socially engaged work in which Tampa Bay residents were invited to share stories and memories about their community. In the second phase, hand-typed stories and photos were printed by Vivid Metal Prints, on aluminum, and installed as an historical collage. Oring, Chair of the James Pearson Duffy Department of Art and Art History at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, (link to bio), put on three performances to capture these opportunities. Oring is well known for her examination of critical social issues through projects that incorporate old and new media. You can view other projects here.

The Solution

In order to execute the installation, Oring needed a partner capable of creating and coordinating hundreds of small, intricate aluminum pieces. She found that partner in Vivid Metal Prints.

Vivid worked hand-in-hand with Oring to ensure that each individual piece was properly color-corrected, pristinely printed and clearly readable. We then cleared space in our studio so that she could arrange the pieces and design her vision down to the last inch. Painstakingly organized, each piece was numbered with coordinates for its place in the installation. The project was carefully packaged in custom wooden crates and shipped to Tampa for installation.

The Takeaway

Every customer and every project is unique. Vivid Metal Prints is the premier supplier in the industry not just because of our print quality, but because we will do whatever it takes to make your project successful.