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Jimmy John's

The Opportunity

Jimmy John’s Franchise, LLC is one of the largest sandwich chains in the United States with over 2,700 locations nationwide. A key part of the Jimmy John’s brand story is their humble beginning. It all started in one small storefront in Charleston, Illinois in 1983.

As a franchisor, Jimmy John’s must be able to ensure that their brand image is presented properly and consistently across all locations regardless of the franchise owner / operator. This is a common problem faced by all franchisors, distributors, and businesses with multiple locations.

The Solution

Vivid Metal Prints offered to create a custom-order page within its website, visible only to Jimmy John’s franchisees. The image, finish, frame, and size are all pre-selected and approved by Jimmy John’s corporate. When a new franchise opens, they are given the unique URL and place an order through the Vivid Metal Prints website with a pre-negotiated price and shipping rate. This guarantees that the famous picture of the original sandwich shop, a key part of the Jimmy John’s brand, is exactly the same at every franchise location.

The Takeaway

Vivid Metal Prints partners with franchisors, distributors, retailers, and any business with multiple locations to provide peace of mind that your brand will be presented properly, consistently, and in stunning form on our custom metal prints. Vivid will work with you to set up a unique, password-protected page with your images and variant options pre-loaded. To learn more email info@VividMetalPrints.com